How To Buy Physical Gold For IRA

How To Buy Physical Gold For IRA

There are no substitutes for having physical precious metals, especially gold, in your IRA. Conventional IRAs are limited to the popular menu of paper assets – mutual funds, bonds, stocks and cash. Even exchange traded funds which are primarily focused on gold or mining stocks will not provide the needed security for investors in these times of high volatility. Brokerages and Banks can, and in fact, do fail. The dollar in purchasing power declines perpetually. Physical bullion usually endures.

Besides the purchasing, holding, and selling of gold with a tax-advantaged Self-Directed Precious Metal IRA account, you can also withdraw your bullion under normal IRA distribution rules and take direct physical possession of it. Few Americans have an idea about these beautiful options, because their brokers haven’t ever told them!

Here Is How Gold IRA Works:

Step 1: Choose your preferred custodian and fund your self-directed IRA account – (completely tax-free!)

There are absolutely no good reasons for limiting your IRAs to paper assets investments.

Conventional brokerages and banks get paid handsomely for trading in paper, so they limit the choices of their customers. You can exit and take control of the choices of your investment with a self-directed IRA. We recommend the IRA trustees listed below because they offer excellent customer services and low fees for all our clients. But you can work with any other firm that provides self-directed accounts.

Our first choice for custodian is New Direction IRA which is a Self-Directed IRA provider specializing in holding physical gold as well as other assets such as private loans and real estate. NDIRA allows customers to use several kinds of depositories — giving clients more choices than many other trustees offer — and has still got highly competitive rates (beginning from only $150 annually). Among NDIRA’s significant strengths are fast processing speeds and diligent customer services. You can start by downloading a Gold IRA Application for establishing and funding your new self-directed IRA account. In the first instance visit the Regal Assets website and request a FREE Gold IRA Rollover Kit.

GoldStar Trust Company is another independent trustee which offers flexible IRAs and charges very low fees and to hold your gold. Your gold is stored in a kind of maximum-security depository in Delaware in either an unallocated or allocated account (whichever you choose). Simply download PDFs of the Roth IRA or Traditional IRA application to fund and establish your gold IRA account. Alternatively, you can register directly through Goldstar’s Roth IRA or Traditional IRA online web forms.

Choosing the perfect gold firm can result in the difference between failure and success as a gold investor. Choose the ideal company, and it’ll help stay the course on protecting your assets from financial irregularities. Choosing the wrong firm can result in your funds being diverted to an assortment of bullion-related investments and derivative investments which are not really asset preservation vehicles.

For example, gold stocks are an investment firstly in stocks, and then in gold bullion. Proof coins and mint state graded by independent services are generally sold for high markups over their gold value which immediately put the buyers at a disadvantage. Precious metals exchange traded funds and certificates usually introduce systemic risk and counter-party to the investment equation.

These are just 3 examples of the types of investments which can lead investors away from the stability of conventional bullion and coin investments, and generally should be avoided by the investors whose
goals are to build a hedge against economic uncertainties or a long-term store of value.

Step 2: Lock pricing on the gold bullion which you wish to hold.

Your IRA can hold a broad array of bullion bars, rounds, and coins offered by Regal Assets. (No graded / slabbed “uncommon” coins are permitted, which shouldn’t bother you because they’re highly risky and tend to be weak investments.) You will receive payment confirmation from the Exchange and be able to track your shipment all through to the depository.

Step 3: Complete the transaction.

You will be sent a confirmation, and any other form which requires your signature immediately after your pricing is locked. Simply sign and email or fax the forms back. Your custodian will issue a payment for the gold on behalf of your IRA, and the gold will be shipped to the depository of your preferred choice for safe storage.

The metals that you hold can be sold back to Regal Assets at any time depending on the current price. Investing in tangible, beautiful bars, rounds, and coins in your IRA is the easiest option your financial adviser or broker may NEVER inform you about!

**Note: You can partner with ANY other self-directed IRA custodian. Here is a list of other firms that you can use:

  • Equity Institutional
  • Kingdom Trust Company
  • Ramsey National Bank
  • IRA Services
  • Millennium Trust
  • Entrust
  • Mountain West IRA

Irrespective of which firm you use as custodian for your IRA account, Regal Assets can deliver the physical gold bullion you need – and at the best prices!

Here Is Why Your Investment Adviser Has/May Never Tell You about Gold IRAs:

Not many investors in the U.S. own even an ounce of gold bullion, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that almost all of them do not know of the numerous options to hold bullion in IRA accounts. The absence of awareness is increased by financial professionals – those very people whose job is to educate the investors.

Many investment advisers promote “diversification” as an ultimate investment method but then turn around to limit their clients to IRAs with the conventional menu of nothing but paper asset options – mutual funds, bonds, and stocks. Brokers aren’t anxious to promote genuine diversification away from these paper investments, as they may lose out on transaction and management fees.

Alert investors who are more concerned about a portfolio that is limited to paper investments have a much better alternative. This option is referred to as the self-directed IRA. With full control over your portfolio, you can also invest directly in other things besides registered securities – precious metals, privately held companies, and real estate, for example.

You can take decisions by yourself through the opening of a self-directed account. Inside it, you can buy qualifying gold bullion bars or coins and get quick and easy protection from the devaluing dollar in tangible and real metal. And, when you’re ready, you can take physical possession of the gold through distribution from the IRA. You entirely avoid exposure to the dollar or the paper assets which are dollar-denominated.

Most investors in gold-backed ETFs have been moving out of the proxies and into self-directed IRAs that hold physical bullion, stored at the investors’ preferred facilities. Though ETFs provide a few advantages for high-frequency or short-term traders, the risks of holding gold ETF shares are increasingly coming to light.

Storing and owning actual gold in a self-directed IRA is an essential and straightforward step towards genuine diversification of your investments. Getting started is an easy process with the right company.

If you’re considering your options, feel free to get in contact with Regal Assets and they’ll supply you with a free Gold IRA Rollover Information Package. To receive this, all you need to provide is your name, email address, phone, and country!

Our personal recommendation to safeguard your future with gold is to contact Regal Assets, The #1 Rated Gold Investment Company 7 years in a row, Click Here To Request A FREE Gold Investors Kit.

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