Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets Review

In a world full of uncertainty, we face a time now where nobody is quite sure of where to put their money. For a long time, the dollar was seen as the safest place for investment but this is quickly changing. With the dollar, the pound, and other currencies, external events are making currencies almost impossible to predict and it no longer provides the safe haven it once was.

With this in mind, we need a new safe haven and there are some very good options. However, there are very few industry experts right now arguing against gold. Although it may be surprising because precious metals are known for their fluctuating prices, the value that gold has always demanded through the years makes it a fantastic investment at all times.

If you’re worried about going it alone in this market, you don’t actually have to and this is where the brilliant precious metal companies come in and they’re the reason for this Regal Assets review. If you’re to choose Regal Assets, they can help you to set up a self-directed IRA. Once in place, you’ll have more control than ever before along with numerous options for diversification. As you can probably tell already, we like Regal Assets and we think you will too!

Who Are Regal Assets? – When looking for a place to start, it seems to make sense to talk a little about the company itself and how they operate. Therefore, they have a history spanning back to 2003 and first formed in Burbank, California. Initially, they saw interest very quickly and this enabled them to expand their offering to the people of the US and expand their customer service offering too. Today, they stand as one of the most admired precious metal investment companies in the country due to their knowledge, support, and experience.

Why Are They Unique? – So, why should you pay any attention to this company and our Regal Assets review when there are several other companies in the market too? Well, in our opinion, there are some very good reasons as to why the company is unique. Firstly, they have a plethora of positive reviews from official agencies.

For example, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is known for producing grades after assessing businesses on a number of different criteria. In addition to the number of complaints the company receives, the BBB reviews their activity within the market, their advertising practices, and even their history in the industry. Currently, Regal Assets holds the best rating possible; A+. Just to show you how good this is, the BBB measures businesses on a scale from 0 to 100 and an A+ rating means they were judged to be above 97.

In addition to this, they also have an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and this makes Regal Assets the only company within the precious metals industry to boast this combination; A+ with the BBB and AAA with the Business Consumer Alliance. With just one complaint in their company file, even this is two years old.

Sure, they have fantastic ratings from official agencies but what about the people? Well, previous and existing customers have provided Regal Assets with over 1030 five-star ratings on TrustLink.

As a result of this, they’ve featured in various publications including Forbes, Smart Money, and Inc Magazine.

While featuring in the 2013 Forbes Investment Guide, Regal Assets were also ranked in 20th position in Inc Magazine’s top financial services.

If you’ve read about the precious metals industry previously, you’ll know there has been a problem with shipping the metals to the holder but Regal Assets has a fast and efficient system in place. Whether it’s for a retirement account or anything else, the precious metals will be in your possession within seven days of the account opening. Compared to the wider market, most companies promise a delivery within 30 days while this can actually extend to 90 days for retirement accounts.

Although they very rarely miss a delivery from what we’ve seen and heard, they do promise compensation if it happens. Currently, the deal is a free one ounce Silver American Eagle which more than makes up for the error. If you choose to work with Regal Assets, you’ll be given a tracking number so you know exactly where the precious metals are in their journey to your door. In addition to being sent discreetly, the metals will also be insured so you won’t be responsible until you actually sign for them and take them into your home.

Regal Assets Review DollarsTo get a feel for how Regal Assets operate within the market, the only thing we can do is compare them to competitors. When we do this, it doesn’t take long before we see their better storage and fee structure (and even a quicker processing time!). When storing your precious metal retirement account, Brinks is used and all storage is segregated for extra security. Within the market, this makes Regal Assets one of the few precious metals companies to offer segregated storage and it requires a flat fee of just $150. Typically, the competitors in the market start at over $220 and they don’t offer segregated storage at all.

While on the topic of fixed fees, this is also true for administration fees with Regal Assets. For the most part, other companies will charge a scaling fee which means you’ll pay more as the value of the account increases. With Regal Assets, the flat fee is $100 and this is something we like. Considering most competitors don’t offer a segregated service and they charge more than Regal Assets for a lesser service, we’ll let you make your own mind up on that one!

Finally, if you haven’t been convinced that Regal Assets is unique just yet, everything is done electronically. In the precious metals industry, there are many problems that arise but one of the largest is the hand-signing of documents; this makes the whole process inefficient and it costs both the company and client money. With Regal Assets doing everything electronically, an IRA account can be opened within 24 hours whereas other providers take up to a full week. If you’re transferring money from a custodian, Regal Assets can complete the task within 48 hours while other services take 30 and even 90 days depending on the request.

If you’re opening a retirement account, Regal Assets will cover your first year of administration fees, storage fees, setup fees, and the delivery. In the first year alone, this allows you to save over $700 which we have to pay with most companies in the industry.

As you can see, these are some astonishing differences and it’s refreshing to see a business focus on the customer as opposed to offering a service that’s just as slow as every other company in the market. When trying to make quick decisions for your financial future, many companies limit the process but Regal Assets allow you to make decisions quickly and enjoy the fruits of your labor in the years ahead.

Knowledge is Power

Regal Assets Review Blackboard Writing Knowledge PowerWith most precious metal companies, they take control of the whole process and this leaves clients feeling a little vulnerable with their finances. Suddenly, they don’t know what’s going on and they don’t feel as though they’re making the decisions regarding their future. Let’s not forget, this is your money and your retirement and this is something Regal Assets clearly understand.

In order to provide even more of a unique service, all clients are provided with a free Gold IRA Rollover Kit. Within this package, you’ll receive the 2013 Forbes publication where Regal Assets were featured. Furthermore, you can view a documentary regarding the Federal Reserve and every piece of information you’ll ever want and need to understand how the Gold IRA market works. Rather than taking your money, they want you to have the knowledge required to succeed and this is yet another touch that we really appreciate.

IRA Rollover

Regal Assets Review Gold IRATo get started with Regal Assets and set up a Gold IRA, you first need to move your current IRA over and this includes your 401(k). In truth, there are two different ways you can do this and the first is to simply transfer one to the other. If you choose this option, you can get started at any time and the only caveat is that the transfer is between two custodians. With the distribution check, this will actually go to the custodian of the new account and the new location of your IRA.

Elsewhere, you can rollover your IRA and this means the distribution is taken from your original IRA before then being deposited into the new IRA. With this second option, you have 60 days to complete the transaction after first withdrawing the distribution otherwise the money will be treated as income and you’ll have to pay all sorts of penalties and taxes. If you want to enjoy the tax benefits that come with an IRA, you can transfer once a year.

Why Choose Gold?

At this point in the Regal Assets review, you have lots of information regarding the company itself but what about the precious metal? Why should you even want to place your money near gold? To answer this, first, we have to assess the current ‘traditional’ options everybody seems to follow. Read our article Why Invest In Physical Gold

If we look back to even before the global crisis, every day the newspapers seemed to feature a story regarding some form of disaster. Whether it comes from a localized recession, a big brand filing for bankruptcy, or even a whole country on the brink of a financial collapse, it’s still a common occurrence. If we look at the decades gone by, we all thought the ‘big’ countries were immune and this included the US, the UK, Germany, etc. In 2008 and 2009, we learned this simply isn’t the case any longer and the perspective of the world has changed ever since.

Today, the uncertainty is almost unbearable even with mutual funds and various other investment vehicles losing money consistently. With too much risk involved with these investment vehicles, this has seen the rise of gold because it’s proving to be a safe haven in all the madness.

Why is this the case? In short, gold is finite. Thanks to simple economics, we know that finite resources and objects will always be more valuable than those that are readily available. If the world’s best painter produced a one-of-a-kind painting, it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. If they stood in their home and produced 200 of the exact same pieces, they wouldn’t be as valuable because they aren’t as rare.

With gold, it’s scarce which means there will never be a sudden loss to the point where it’s worth nearly nothing. Of course, there will always be fluctuations in the pricing and this is something we can’t escape but there’s a limit to the value it can ever decrease to. As the name suggests, it’s quite literally a ‘precious’ metal.

Over the years ahead, there’s a minimum price experts can expect and the prices will normally fluctuate in between two points. With the dollar and other investment vehicles, there’s no ceiling or floor which means you could end up suffering a substantial loss. When it comes to your retirement money, you just can’t take these kinds of risks.

With this information in mind, a gold IRA seems like the most sensible option on the market these days. For people approaching or even enjoying retirement, a gold IRA has numerous benefits including less volatility and a limit to the losses you can experience. With these benefits, the only question left to ask is whether Regal Assets is a worthy IRA custodian? Can you trust them with your IRA?

Regal Assets as a Custodian – In truth, the answer to these questions can be found with two considerations. Firstly, you need a company with experience. With Regal Assets, they were founded in 2003 which means they’re close to celebrating their 15th birthday. Although this perhaps isn’t as long as some other financial companies within the US, the fact they made it through the global crisis which took some of the biggest scalps we’ve seen in recent years shows they deserve some credit.

Secondly, you need reliability and this is something the business offers in abundance as you’ve seen throughout this Regal Assets review. Not only is the product reliable, in gold, the customer service and support you receive also adds to the reliability. If you have any questions, there’s always qualified professionals waiting to help and, as we’ve seen from the BBB ratings, the company has a positive reputation in the industry.

In fact, we believe Regal Assets go above and beyond as a custodian because they could quite easily follow the standards that have been set by all the other companies in terms of delivery and timeframes. Instead, they deliver faster than everyone else, they allow everything to be done electronically to prevent hold-ups, and they also provide the valuable Gold IRA Rollover Kit. Often, financial services just want you to trust them in what they’re doing but Regal Assets want you to play an active role in your retirement account and this comes from learning the basics.

How To Get Started – If you like what you’ve heard so far or perhaps you’re just interested in how the process works, Regal Assets believes there are four steps you need to take to get started.

Step 1Firstly, you need to head over to their website and fill out the appropriate form. Taking just a few minutes to complete, the form is split into three sections; Account Holder Information, Designation of Beneficiaries, and Current Custodian Information. As with any form, the idea here is to get an idea of your details and what needs to be done to get you set up.

At this point, you need to fill in the details as accurately as possible. For example, the first section will be the basics including your name, email, address, etc. In the beneficiary section, it’s important you don’t make any mistakes since this will decide who receives the appropriate funds after passing away. With information regarding your current custodian, the ball can get rolling through a rollover or transfer.

Step 2Once the form has been completed, you should hear back from the ‘IRA Retirement Team’ within 24 hours. As we’ve said, the process is quick and easy and you don’t have to worry about filling in forms by hand and waiting weeks just to get a response. If you have any questions at this point, you can talk to the professionals and get answers, ease concerns, or just find out more information.

Step 3Assuming everything is fine with your application and you’re clear to transfer or rollover your funds, the process can begin with step three and Regal Assets will actually work with your custodian so you don’t need to do anything yourself. Whether you have one or multiple accounts, the funds will reach your brand-new Precious Metals IRA Account before then benefiting from the account in the years to come.

Step 4Once the funds have been moved over, you can go ahead and place an order depending on the bullion coins and bars you wish to receive. As we saw before, the bullion will remain the responsibility of Regal Assets until you sign for them and this is a huge advantage because it means you don’t lose money if they get lost in transit.

Central Banks and World Economies – To finish, we just want to make a note on the central banks across Europe and the world because, believe it or not, they’re actively stocking up on gold. Ultimately, this tells us two things;

1) The demand for gold is always increasing and
2) Even some countries are investing in gold just in case their economies struggle.

In the US, we’re lucky enough to have 33% of the world’s supply and we’ve been hoarding the precious metal for a number of years after seeing the general trend taking shape. Compared to Germany, in second place, who has 14%, this is a huge gap. What’s more, billionaires are currently buying gold and they’re always a great place to look to see what’s going to happen in the future.

With this, we can clearly see where the trendline is moving which makes now a great time to create a gold IRA. With everything we’ve discussed today, we can also confidently say that Regal Assets is the best place to start.

Summary – So, there it is, our complete and extensive review of Regal Assets. With this information by your side, you should be in a great position to make a decision for your future. Of course, your retirement fund is vital in your ageing years so we highly recommend taking your time in coming to a decision and also getting in contact with Regal Assets if you have any questions or concerns.

In fact, you don’t even need to make up your mind before requesting your Gold IRA Rollover Kit. Visit and request your FREE GOLD IRA ROLLOVER KIT

With this Gold IRA Kit to review, you will have a better understanding of how beneficial it is to invest in gold these days. If you found value in this review please share this review with friends who can also take advantage and benefit from investing in gold for their future.

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