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Online Gold InvestmentAt Online Gold Investment, we have one mission; to inform everybody about the value of investing in precious metal IRAs (Individual Retirement Account’s) right now. While other companies are interested in other things, we focus on YOU because we believe a Gold IRA will allow you to prepare for retirement in the right way.

Furthermore, we also want to teach you how to make the most of this opportunity by providing useful resources and tips from an unbiased source, so you can make an informed decision when you choose a Top Gold IRA Company.

Choosing A Gold IRA Company

In recent years, rolling over and transferring to Gold and Silver IRAs has been a huge trend. Sadly, the dollar is no longer reliable and the economy seems to be fluctuating more and more every year. Compared to twenty years ago, the economy doesn’t feel as invincible and we’ve learned some lessons recently.

You are not alone. For most, they find it easy enough to make up their mind to switch to gold and silver IRAs. However, the tricky part comes with choosing a company. Who should you trust? We understand your dilemma because this money is important to you. With every company offering something different, we know just how confusing it can be.

In just a moment, we’re going to look at some questions you need to ask potential companies but first we recommend sticking with reputable services. We think it’s important to find a reputable company where all lines of communication are open. Just as they’ll contact you, it is very important for you to able to contact them with any concerns or questions you may have!

Key Questions for Gold IRA Companies

Bullion v Coins? – For it to be acceptable for IRAs, you need the right type of metals including platinum, palladium,gold, and silver. Nowadays, there are benefits and drawbacks to choosing bullion and coins. As long as the service has a secure storage system in place, you’ll be good to go.

Setup and Storage Fees? – With some companies, you’ll have to pay more storage fees as the value of your IRA increases. With this scaling system, you’ll end up paying more as time goes on so we urge you to be careful of these

When getting started, remember that you’re in control so ask all the questions, learn about the fees, and find out what happens as the value grows. For us, we like companies to charge a flat fee because we don’t believe you should be punished just for growing your IRA. In fact, we would take it one step further and prefer if the company covered all your first year fees too!

Buy-Back Program? – Does the service have a buy-back program in place? If you eventually want to unload the precious metals, will you receive a fair value? Before even getting started in this niche, you need to feel comfortable dealing with gold which includes buying and selling. As long as you choose the company that has you in the driver’s seat rather than their profits, you’ll be in good hands so take your time and make the right decision.

Take Your Time – As a final piece of advice, consider all the information you have available and how they’ll apply to YOUR position. These days, we see far too many people make decisions based on other people and what works for friends and family members. Instead, think about your own situation and whether certain decisions will help/harm it.

If you choose the wrong company at the start, it can be an expensive recovery process; we know because we’ve helped people get out of sticky situations in the past. In our opinion, you shouldn’t have to wait 90 or even 30 days for precious metals to be delivered so consult a finance professional and make the right decision the first time.

For Gold IRA Which Company Do We Recommend?

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So far, you’ve seen the questions we commonly see in the Gold IRA market, let us now explain the benefits of working with the Top Gold IRA Company Regal Assets. Here are some key points below.

Knowledge Comes First – With Regal Assets, knowledge will always come first. When you choose Regal Assets, they supply you with material and information you will need to make a decision. For many years, this has been their foundation and this will never change.

Fast Shipping – Rather than having to wait 30 or even 90 days, they can have precious metals to you within a week. If the deadline is missed, you’ll be refunded for the inconvenience and this comes in the shape of a one-ounce Silver American Eagle. Unfortunately, just in case you wanted one, they’re normally able to meet the deadline without a problem (sorry!).

Storage and Fees – Since they use Brinks, all your precious metals will be segregated which provides peace of mind. With a flat fee of $150 per year, this’ll never change regardless of how your gold IRA grows. If we compare this to what we see elsewhere in the market with other companies it’s a fantastic deal because other companies charge upwards of $225 per year without segregated storing.

Extra Benefits – Furthermore, Regal Assets like to throw surprises in wherever possible and it starts with the fact they cover all the setup costs, storage fees, and administration fees for the first year. Once again, when you compare this to the competition it doesn’t take long before you come across a $500 setup fee.

Fast Processing – Earlier, we saw fast shipping but now we have another fast service with processing. Considering all the technological changes we’ve seen in recent years, it seems strange that Regal Assets are still one of the few that offers a completely digital experience. With no documents or contracts to sign by hand, most transfer requests can be received and processed within 48 hours compared to days and weeks.

Passionate Team – Compared to most other companies in this industry, they seem to have been born from a will to help people as opposed to a will to make money. With their superb team, they’re highly qualified to help with any questions or concerns and they’re passionate about what they do. With everybody believing in the power of precious metals right now, they want to help people realize the opportunity they have.

Have some questions? Let Regal Assets give you clarity and earn your trust.

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If all this is not enough, check out how responsible and trustworthy this company is through their business practices as demonstrated by the A+ Raing with the BBB and their 5 Star Rating (based on 1030 reviews) at Trust Link.

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As you can see with a A+ Rating from BBB and a Preferred Membership with Trust Link, Regal Assets is clearly a leader in the precious metals industry.

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For Gold IRA Which Company Do We Recommend?

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